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I says ….. Pardon?

Normal doesn’t mean not good or not great it just means clean and functional without flaws .. like a normal website!

the dictionary describes normal as

normal norĀ·mal

1. Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical.
2. Functioning or occurring in a natural way; lacking observable abnormalities or deficiencies.
3. Occurring naturally and not because of disease, inoculation, or any experimental treatment. Used of immunity.


It’s a little about who we are … ok seriously there is no we … just a me


What we do (build web sites) and what we have built


Where we are located? sure it’s not all that relevant but it goes with the whole who what wher when why how theme going on here


When should You get a website? When will it be ready? … but just as importantly .. when are you going to contact me so we can get started on your website


Why do you need a website?


How long will it take to build your website and How you can get started?